Stream These Games to Rope in More Viewers on Twitch

Fariha Akram Bhatti
February 1, 2024

In 2023, the game live-streaming market is bigger than ever, and new content creators may find it tricky to stand out from the crowd. However, picking the right games to stream can help get more viewers on Twitch. 

The number of users in the game live streaming market is expected to reach 1.7 billion by 2028, as per Statista. Clearly, the streaming industry is only expected to flourish in the coming years, which means more content creators will dominate the market. So, how do new streamers find their footing in an already established industry brimming with talented gaming streamers? 

How to get more viewers on Twitch

There's no silver bullet to accumulating thousands of concurrent viewers on your gaming broadcast, but following a few simple steps can help get followers on Twitch. Here are a few streaming tips for beginners looking to grow on Twitch: 

  • Have a streaming schedule 
  • Have a niche 
  • ⁠Have a personality that resonates with your audience
  • ⁠Have a decent microphone
  • Smooth, high-quality broadcast
  • Build a community on social media
  • Play the right games at the right time 
  • Be consistent 

It may look like a long list, but checking all the boxes can accelerate growth and help form a small but tight-knit community. If you've already put into practice the rest of the Twitch tips and are still struggling to attract viewers on Twitch, then you may be playing the wrong games. 

Now, there's no right or wrong game when you're streaming for fun, but if you're wondering how to get more viewers on Twitch, you want to stay in touch with what's hot and what's not. 

Here are some games you should be playing to get more Twitch viewers.

Grand Theft Auto 

Even though GTA 5 didn't necessarily need a push from the devs, the latest GTA 6 teasers have propelled it to the top of Twitch charts. The anticipation around the game has made it one of the most viewed games. Now is the perfect time to jump on the hype train and get Twitch followers. 

However, it's worth noting that popular streamers are already playing the game, so your content must stand out in order to edge past the other content creators. Consider streaming roleplay and bolster your Twitch audience engagement by involving the viewers in your storyline. 

Many smaller streamers have found success on Twitch by joining popular roleplay servers and creating their plots. This is also a great hack to ensure your first-time viewer returns to discover what happens next in your virtual life in GTA 5. 


If you're not interested in fads, then VALORANT is perfect for slow but sustainable growth on Twitch. Valorant viewer base prefers quality gameplay over noise and entertainment value, which is excellent for mechanically skilled players on Twitch. But, to deliver that, you must ensure you have the best gaming equipment and optimal settings for streaming on Twitch. 

VALORANT has consistently retained a spot on the top 10 most-watched and most-streamed games in 2023. It's an excellent option for consistent streamers who don't mind putting in some work and patiently waiting to develop a decent community.  

The best part? VALORANT stays relevant due to monthly updates, patches, and the addition of new agents. If you can snag early access to maps and agents, getting more viewers on Twitch becomes even easier.


Palword is another trending game that is promising and may continue to appear in Twitch searches in 2024. At only $29.99, you get to experience Pokemon-like creatures in a survival setting, which is perfect for creating immersive content. 

Palword is currently the main focus of Twitch viewers. From big creators to small, everyone is playing it. If you jump on right now, you should be able to average 30-35 viewers in a few months. But staying consistent is the key here. 


Minecraft is evergreen on Twitch. In 2024, dozens of streamers play Minecraft on and off, but they don't commit to the game anymore. Very few streamers play it consistently and competitively, and this could be your forte. 

It's a chill, laid-back game, and the Minecraft viewer base is surprisingly welcoming to new content creators. But again, similar to GTA, your content must stand out in the herd of established Minecraft streamers. Create custom locations and incorporate other games into your Minecraft builds to attract viewers on Twitch.


Enshrouded is the ideal game to stream right for smaller creators as it is still in early access and has a cult-following. Those who are aware of the game would be happy to contribute to your channel’s viewer count.

Enshrouded is another survival action role-playing video game, launched via early access on 24 January 2024 for Windows PC. While it’s new on Twitch, Enshrouded has the potential to be the next big thing. If you set a solid base right now, you could end up becoming key streamers once Enshrouded blows up on Twitch. 

Any trending Indie game

Another Twitch tip for beginners is to keep a close eye on fads and trends. Indie developers shell out games every month, and some of them end up becoming streaming hits. Among Us was an Indie game before it skyrocketed in popularity on Twitch. Those who cashed out the hype in 2019 enjoy a stable viewership in 2023. It's always recommended to try out new games that are trending on social media.

Twitch pro tip: Palward is currently trending on Twitch alongside Escape the Backrooms. Stream those games to connect with a small but loyal community of gamers. 

Twitch's recently released games

If you don't want to put tons of effort and do proper data research to stream a video game, you can also use Twitch as your guide. Dump the popular titles everyone is streaming and go to your main Twitch feed. Scroll down until you land on the "recently released games" tab. This could be your key to attracting viewers on Twitch.

Here, you'll see various games with total numbers of live viewers underneath the title. Pick one that aligns the most with your niche and has a decent viewer base. Streaming new games is always a great way to pop up on Twitch feed, helping you appear on people's timelines. 

It's tough to get noticed when you're playing an AAA title that the streaming world's hot-shots are also playing. Conversely, you may get two viewers on your recently released game title stream, but you'll manage to get noticed on the main feed, creating opportunities for growth on Twitch.

Finding success in the Twitch streaming industry will become exceedingly challenging with time. But, following the right steps and game streaming tips, you can also create your own small community of viewers! 

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