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The great war between Ismerians and outland tribes brought no victory, but only poverty, famine and death. A banquet of sorrow that called forth the calamity known only  as the Beast. A cosmic terror that flooded the world and devoured it. Those still breathing inside the living nightmare are preyed upon by horrors birthed from the deepest recess of their minds.

To stay still in this world is to invite death, at every moment you will be besieged by monsters craving your flesh, blood and bone. You must take the fight to them and cut through the hordes with instruments of war and if need be - magic. At all times you must be on your toes and be mindful of your surroundings - chokepoints, high ground and useful tools. Your enemies number in legions, so each advantage you can get is the one that might save your life.

The only respite you will find is in the graveyard grounds where the few living souls still cling to life. Here the Blind Man and the Old Woman, the Prisoner, and many others will share their burden and stories with you, yet you can’t escape the feeling that with each story they’re whispering truths into lies.

  • Singleplayer
  • Action
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