We wouldnÔÇÖt be able to deliver our advanced marketing products to you without data. We are watching EVERYTHING that is being said about games on the largest streaming platforms.

With Lurkit Insights you will know who is talking about your game. But more importantly, you will also discover who should be talking about your game.

Every game, content creator and stream occasion

Lurkit is probably the best discovery and analytics solution for Twitch and YouTube Live. We make it easy for you to find the right creators, spot organic growth, and see results in real-time.

Our customers are using Lurkit Insights on a daily basis to track the social performance of their games.
150 K+
12 M+

Games - get the complete picture

Digest viewership and trend analytics for all your games. Get the full picture of your game performance and make market and product decisions based on data.
Many of our customers include Lurkit data in executive reports to management, board and investors.

Millions of influencers at your fingertips

Identify the best creators to market your game or project. We have developed intuitive tools for prospecting and monitoring your community of content creators from all around the world.
Building your own lists on the platform is a great way to segment and bookmark creators to contact now and later.

Watch every stream that features your game

All content about your games are shown in detail all the way down to individual streams. As you see on the picture to the right you can find the chapter where your game was played.
This is a great way for you to understand the general sentiment of your game and how it's experienced by the creator as well as their audience.