Maximise your game's success with Lurkit's complete influencer marketing platform.

Marketing platform

Get our powerful marketing software with the full context of viewership for every game, content creator and stream.

Influencer CRM suite

Move all content creators into a smart Creator Relations Management system.

Global prospecting - find and save to lists

List building - build your own tiers

Track all interactions - rich information on hover

Share creators and interactions with your team

Performance data

Invite creators to your campaigns

Easy to import existing creators

Keys - Organic campaigns

Powerful campaign software to run smooth and scalable organic marketing.

Unlimited key campaigns

Automated acceptance flow

Access to a deep pool of content creators

Discoverable or hidden campaigns (invite only)

Community key sharing

Access to customer support


The best discover and analytics solution for Twitch and YouTube Live.

Viewership history for channels

Viewership history for games and genres

Prospecting tool

Community monitoring tool

Benchmarking tool

Access to customer support

Data export

Creator program

A one-stop shop for game developers, publishers, and brands to manage creator communities throughout the life cycle of their games.

Program setup - Landing page & custom URL
User management - CMS and CRM in one place
Set up unique Missions
Reward with Merch or DLCs
Campaigns - Keys, Paid Quests and more
Integrated payment system

Quests - Paid campaigns

Launch paid campaigns for your games at scale. A full suite of marketing tools for end-to-end control of paid campaigns with Lurkit's Quests.

Access to a deep pool or content creators
Discoverable or hidden campaigns (invite only)
Bidding and payment functionality
Rich chat room per individual content creator
Viewership and click data CPC, CPV, etc.
Access to customer support
No license fee. Only pay share of budget spent.

Lurkit supports indie developers

You have spent a lot of time developing your game - and it deserves the chance to be
discovered by your audience. Indie developers get great deals at Lurkit!

Up to 70% off regular price