Our brand promise is ‘Making games grow’
Tens of thousands of content creators
Hundreds of game developers
Close to a thousand game campaigns live at any given time
Millions paid out to creators


Lurkit is a fast-growing Swedish gaming tech company on a mission to deliver the best ecosystem that connects all major stakeholders in gaming for commercial and creative growth.
The right team and culture determines whether or not we will sustain as a business. We truly believe this and it’s equally important for us to create a company were people thrive as it is to create value for our customers and users.
We're working closely with game studios and publishers of all sizes where we create value by giving them full control over their most important marketing channel - influencer marketing.
Our ecosystem provides automated tools to understand and target the right audience, publishing and distributing games to content creators effectively, being able to measure results and proving RoI - all in one platform.


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Tom Niskanen


Henrik Hansing

Product owner

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Stefan Backlund


Daniel Thorsén

Head of sales

Kajsa Grafstöm




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Let's talk

A shout-out to game developers, publishers, creators or investors. We love to speak to people that share our passion for growth in gaming.


Hundreds of game developers are using Lurkit to scale their marketing effortlessly.

Some questions. Some answers

What is Lurkit?

Lurkit is an influencer marketing platform for gaming.

How does Lurkit work for game developers and publishers?

As Lurkit is monitoring everything that is being said about games on Twitch and YouTube, our customers are using Lurkit tools to analyse the social performance of their games. Our business customers are also using our platform to publish game campaigns and forge long-lasting relationship with content creators.

How does Lurkit work for content creators?

Lurkit is a platform where creators on Twitch and YouTube can find new, exciting gameplay and brand content for their channels. Lurkit is also enabling content creators to earn money from their content in something we call ‘Quests’.

How does Lurkit Quests work?

Lurkit Quests enable content creators to make money of their content. We have built an intuitive program where game developers publishes paid sponsorship opportunities. Content creators can respond to those in a rich live chat environment with bidding functionality and several payment options. Our goal is to enable more creators to earn from their hard work.

Where is Lurkit useful?

Lurkit has a track record in delivering outstanding results for our customers again and again. We have close to 50.000 creators on the platform of all sizes that are loggin in more or less on a daily basis. Lurkit is useful wherever there is interest for new games, and there is in 99% of cases an interest in all types of games. So we would love to hear from you and to give you the grand tour. We are sure we can do something for your brand.

Why is Lurkit useful?

As a part of the channel mix, influencer marketing can be extremely powerful as it injects genuineness, community and organic scalability. For Indies, influencer marketing can be the only marketing channel that you need to focus on. It depends how big you currently are. For the largest publishers we can gather thousands of creators into our creator program suite.