Men of War II – Open Beta
Men of War II – Open Beta
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As the upcoming real-time strategy from the World War II era Men of War II is nearing to its release on September 20, we would like to give players one more chance to try the game out during the final Open Beta, being available to download and play for free from August 10 to August 14 on Steam.

As a reward for covering Men of War II during the Open Beta, we offer an opportunity to get a free Steam key for the full game upon release. All creators who post genuine and entertaining coverage will be eligible for this offer.

The conditions are simple:

  1. Claim Men of War II Open Beta Steam key on Lurkit. Once activated on Steam, the game will not appear in your library immediately, but only when the playtest starts.
  2. Jump into the game during the Open Beta period (Thursday, August 10 – Monday, August 14).
  3. Stream the game or post a video from the game on your channel and submit it on Lurkit by Friday, August 18 at the latest.
  4. Join Men of War II full release campaign on Lurkit and if you meet the requirements, we'll provide you with a Steam key for the full game shortly before launch on September 20.


When will you start offering keys for the Open Beta?You can already claim your Steam key for the Open Beta. However, it's not possible to install and play the game before the Beta goes live on Friday, August 10.

For how long will the Open Beta be available?The Beta will start on Friday, August 10 and conclude on Monday, August 14.

What content will be included in the Open Beta?

The Open Beta will feature not just multiplayer modes and maps or single-player missions from the previous two playtests, but also brand new content: Classic Mode for fans of the Men of War franchise, where players call in their forces based on a combination of each unit’s individual timer, as well as the player’s own pool of resources, and Realism Mode, which offers a higher chance of disabling and capturing enemy vehicles, fewer visual cues concerning the visibility and health of their units, a more limited range of fire for weapons and many more gameplay changes.

What should my coverage focus on?Anything you find interesting in the game! You can test your skills in various multiplayer game modes (both PvP and PvE) or give a try to any of three available single-player mission, even in co-op with your friends. We also encourage you to check out the new content – Classic Mode and Realism Mode.

I'm a new to the Men of War franchise and don't have much experience with similar strategy titles. Is it a big deal?Not at all! The Open Beta includes several tutorial missions that will introduce you to basic controls. Once you are done with that, we recommend jumping into the Battle of Coisson mission from the American singleplayer campaign which is more approachable for new players, or perhaps playing a match or two agains AI bots on Easy or Normal difficulty.

Where are the assets for Men of War II available?You can find the whole press kit including key art, artworks, screenshots and other graphical assets here:


Experience World War II real-time strategy gameplay like never before! Men of War II, the new chapter in the evolution of the top-rated RTS franchise, brings you more units with different specializations to lead, pinpoint historical accuracy, and new levels of visual and audio excellence, all combined with the series’ original heart-pounding action. Lead your troops in intense real-time battles on the Western and Eastern Fronts and overwhelm your opponents in epic narrative single-player campaigns and skirmish modes, before then diving deep into the multiplayer action.


Command dozens of historically accurate units with unique equipment into battle and blast entire buildings to smithereens. Create the best strategic plan using the ever-changing environment, cover, and a wide range of tactical options to eliminate your enemies, commanded by a reworked, fierce AI. Use The Direct Control feature to manage any single unit on the field at any time and change, upgrade and repair equipment and vehicles. Dive deep into classical combat mechanics combined with all-new gameplay features and experience the intensity of one of the longest-running series of WWII games in an exciting new way.


Experience an epic story spanning two primary campaigns — Allies and Soviets — against The Third Reich military power machine. From the first desperate and brutal battles of WWII to significant victories on the way to Berlin, join war heroes and their comrades marching across the snow-covered Soviet hills and villages, European fields, and city ruins.


Experience the biggest multiplayer and co-op modes in franchise history. Choose your side and prepare to fight against other players, or by their side against advanced AI, in a vast selection of realistic skirmish and challenge maps, providing enough room for strategic maneuvers. Plan your attacks, team up with a friend, and win the battle side-by-side in co-op.


From devastating tanks to realistic models of armament and military equipment, Men of War II features the most extensive and highly detailed WWII locations, vehicle and characters roster in the series to date: three sides, 45 battalions, and over 300 vehicles.


Experience the classical theater of war from a new perspective: every location comes to life with a unique set of fully destructible objects, realistic physics, and immersive sound design. In Men of War II everything — bridges, rivers, buildings, forests, and much more — can be used to gain a tactical advantage, opening up limitless strategic options for you or your enemies to exploit.


Create and share your own war scenarios using a special level design and modding toolset for Men of War II. Now the choices are up to you: your creativity; your vision; your skills. The tactical possibilities are endless.

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