Music Mage: Conductor of Chaos
Music Mage: Conductor of Chaos
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Let the melody bring you into a state of arcane flow

Music Mage is a FPS rhythm game that will have you orchestrating arcane destruction to the beat of your favorite songs. Decimate the enemy waves by timing your spellcasting to the rhythm of your own uploaded music.

Destroy the monstrous hordes to the beat of your own drum

Create a custom playlist by importing songs and curating them to synergize with the in-game action. Our algorithm will automatically tag the beats and notes in the songs you upload. You will be ready to rock and roll to any song you can choose to use!

A good song never dies and neither do you

Escalating challenges and rewards as you progress through your playlist, with new characters and spells to unlock between runs. Specialize your experience by matching your build to your music style. Take it slow, with a classical air and massive shards of ice or turn up the heat and spew gouts of fire to some speed metal!

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