Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun
Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun
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Unleash the power and speed of the Ninja in an ultrafast Roguelite that will leave you dead and wanting more. Ninja or Die is a singleplayer challenge with a rare offering: hardcore action and simple controls.

Ninja or Die is a killer fusion of brutal challenge and elegant simplicity, combining extreme speed with a unique control scheme.

Master violent precision platforming in medieval Japan as a lethal Secret Agent with lightning mobility. Make strategic use of minimalist controls to blaze through frenetic 2D stages that lead you deeper and deeper into a Ninja-eat-Ninja world of bloodshed and deception.

  • SIMPLE CONTROLS MASTERFULLY EXECUTED. Be quick, be slick, and do it with just one button. Jump to where you point, eviscerate the enemy by dashing through them, and hold to attack with greater power.

  • RELENTLESS ACTION. Use acrobatic platforming skills to dodge and destroy hellish bosses and fellow assassins equipped with parachutes, projectiles and magic. Use speed and smarts to evade sharp drops, deadly poison and other nasty traps. One wrong move and it’s back to the start.

  • ROGUELITE CHALLENGE. Navigate a mix of procedurally generated and hand-crafted levels, discovering new environments and committing old ground to muscle memory. Die fast but try again faster with instant respawn and permanent upgrades.

  • ENHANCE, ADVANCE, CUSTOMIZE. Wield epic armaments like the Katana and Shuriken, and max their potential at the Village Blacksmith. Level your Melee,Range, Defence and Magic stats, collect scrolls, souls and questionable foods to boost your abilities — or just pay the Back-alley Doctor. Unlock new playable Agents and command different playstyles.
  • KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING. Ascend the Infinite Watchtower, run the Infinite Corridor, and don’t stop. Fill your Combat Log and thrash your high scores, including kills, jumps, distance travelled and damage taken and inflicted.
  • STYLISH JAPANESE PIXEL ART. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic beauty of retro pixel art that brings every crumbling castle, skeletal forest and explosive battle to life with brutal elegance.

  • Roguelike
  • Ninja
  • Fast-Paced
  • Platformer
  • Action
  • Retro
  • Arcade
  • 2D
  • Singleplayer
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