Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty
Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty
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A story from the legends, but in real history

In this epic game, experience the legendary Winter War and Continuation War where brave Finns, outnumbered, defy the odds to protect their homeland. Make tough choices as the Finnish commander and lead your troops to heroic struggles.

Play two campaigns: one following real history, the other exploring "what if" scenarios. Engage in action-packed missions spanning 1939-1945, or reshape history with alternate events.

Create and grow the army of your own design

Variety is the spice of war

The Finns had only 12 Vickers British tanks in 1939 against up to 6000 Soviet tanks. Even the odds by getting units from various other countries, and shape your rag-tag forces into a well-oiled war machine.

Faithfully recreated historical units

Command the Finnish ski troops and capture Soviet vehicles, including BT-7, T-34, and KV tanks. Purchase German Pz-IV tanks, StuG assault guns, and Ju-88 bombers. Make use of pre-war British Bristol Blenheim bombers, covered by Dutch Fokker and US Buffalo fighter planes.

Assign historical heroes to your units.

Unique heroes system

Every unit in your army could meet certain high requirements to generate a historical personality - a hero with a unique set of powerful skills.

Manage your Headquarters between the operations

Utilize the most advanced supply and infrastructure system in the genre

Welcome the successor

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is the fifth installment in the Strategic Mind line of games, featuring Finland in its 3 wars during WW2. It has two campaigns: historical and alternate history one.

Previous titles in the series:

  • Strategic Mind: The Pacific - the first game, featuring both the United States and the Empire of Japan waging war in the Pacific.
  • Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg - the second game, featuring Germany in WW2.
  • Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism - the third game, featuring the USSR in WW2.
  • Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom is the fourth game, featuring both the United Kingdom and the United States in WW2 European and Africa theaters.

  • Strategy
  • Singleplayer
  • Simulation
  • War
  • Turn-Based
  • Tactical
  • World War II
  • Board Game
  • Historical
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