Creating longevity of a game is one of the hardest things to achieve for publishers. With our new Creator Program product, we aim to make community curation workflows simpler, more cost-effective, and simply better.

Full creator community lifecycle curation

Lurkit's Creator Program is a one-stop shop for game developers, publishers, and brands to manage and curate creator communities throughout the life cycle of their games.

Onboard thousands of creators in no time

We designed the capabilities of our creator program product to fit the needs of AAA’s; global reach and unprecedented scale.
Deep Silver onboarded 5000 creators to their creator program through our automated process for this.

Run campaigns at a really big scale

Through Lurkit’s creator program you can distribute a huge number of game keys in combination with selected mission & rewards.
The Dead Island 2 game reached a number one spot in Europe on Twitch with 8 million hours watched and 500.000 hours on YouTube with 5 million video views in total.

Secure relationships and growth for years to come

Lurkit's Creator Program is designed as a growth-oriented solution for game developers, publishers, and brands, providing a centralized hub to foster and expand creator communities as their games evolve.
“Our Community Management program is now backed by an efficient, easy-to-use, and effective creator management platform”
Jerome Ortmann, Marketing Director at Fatsharkfor Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Oh, only one more thing…

We wouldn’t be able to deliver our advanced marketing products without data. We are watching EVERYTHING that is being said about games on the largest streaming platforms. Watch your Creator Program develop in real-time and track the performance of your community down on individual level.


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Landing page

Create a dedicated landing page for your Creator program

Custom URL

Custom URL for your landing page.

Steam import

Import game media easily directly from Steam or upload files manually.

Import contacts

Add existing contact lists and combine them with fresh creators from the Lurkit community.

CMS functionality

Full creator CMS functionality. Add, remove and everything beyond.

Create user lists

Work with the user tier system to manage large and small creators differently.


Communicate with all creators in your own announcement channel.

Key distribution

Distribute game keys is a great way to kick off your creator program.

Multiple campaigns

Allow creators to engage in multiple key campaigns at the same time.

Invite creators

Invite your community to advanced paid sponsorship campaigns.

Data driven setup

Launch Missions with a data driven setup.

Add perks

Attract influential creators with unique program perks that only they will get access to.

Merch givaways

Functionality to reward with merch items.

Easy payouts

Easy payout functionality for completed paid collaborations.

Auto rewards

Setup and automatically reward creators for completed mission.