If you are already doing paid collaborations with content creators your game is likely not getting the reach as it should. You are also likely paying way too much in admin fees.

We believe you deserve a better bang for the buck!

With Lurkit you can reach millions of gamers around the world by managing paid influencer campaigns on a platform, not a spreadsheet.
We call it "Quests"
A full suite of marketing tools for end-to-end control of broad content creator campaigns, ranging from A-listers down to a nano level.

Create and publish a quest

We have designed an easy flow to create and publish your Quests. Be up in no-time with zero upfront fees.
Game campaigns
Product or brand campaigns
Discoverable campaigns
Hidden campaigns (invite only)
Text, image, and video media
Budget settings
No license fee. Usage-based fee only

Interact and agree

Let creators come to you with bids to participate in Quests. Go for quality and interact with creators that matches your brand.
Bidding functionality
Dashboard overview
Rich chat room per individual content creator
Payment checkout. Funds to creators are held
in escrow until a Quest is completed.

Launch and review

Understand how your campaigns are performing in real-time. Secure content quality and adjust if needed.
Follow campaigns in real-time
Review content by link or file
Content saved for reference
Rejection flow
Automated acceptance flow
Approve with comments and badges


Use our Business Intelligence tool to get a full-fledged performance report of your Quests.
Video views data
Clicks data CPC, CPV etc.
Rich BI interface
Compare content creator performance