Gaming influencer platform: Successful streams start with Lurkit keys

Lurkit Team
October 6, 2021

Streaming is a tiresome and thankless job, but Lurkit is here to make it slightly easier. Whether your a variety streamer or do focused content, Lurkit offers game keys and product codes that can be used for several applications. From multiplatform options, to amazing and strange campaigns, Lurkit has something for everyone and costs nothing for Content Creators.

Gaining Lurkit Keys

Lurkit is free to use for content creators that meet the minimum requirements during registration. At the time of this article, the current thresholds are set to 250 Twitch Followers or 250 Subscribers on YouTube. Using either option as a validation tool will open up the opportunity to gain game keys throughout the Lurkit platform. Simply enter the Campaign tab, select a title your qualified for, and claim your key. If you are not qualified, you can easily join the waitlist and the developers may grant you access despite having less than the required CCV, follower count, or subs.

Key selection is up the discretion of each content creator, however certain campaigns are catered towards specific styles of content creation. Variety streams may be invited to party games while horror streams could be excluded from an invite list. While this does not influence the game a content creator can apply for, it does limit which keys are automatically offered to content creators throughout the platform. The important part of gaining a key, however, is to ensure that you actually create content to share with the developers. Although not enforced by TOS, it is frowned upon to simply redistribute keys sourced from the Lurkit platform.

Promote Your Stream

Playing a new title, even one claimed from Lurkit, is not a guarantee that your stream will have additional viewers. However, using Lurkit keys does offer some additional promotional options for streamers. The games on the platform are provided by the developers themselves, so posting and tagging the development team on social media could result in additional impressions online. It is important to tag the developers, Lurkit, and anyone else involved in the game to try and maximize the share potential of your stream promotion.

In addition, posting your stream through the creator page can add in additional options. Linking to the creator page, promoting the game’s Lurkit page, and partnering up with other Lurkit streamers could all open up several new promotional opportunities. Don’t settle for only tweeting out a “going live” link, but push for something more and innovative that gives users a reason to tune in and share your amazing content productions.


Mention Lurkit on Stream

Although it is never required, mentioning Lurkit on your stream does promote the service to other content creators and viewers. More content creators on the platform means more titles could become available, and it is always a welcome sight for the Lurkit team to see our hard work liked by our content creator family. Feel free to Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook at the Lurkit team and share what game you found on our platform!

Celebrate the Game Companies

Game companies subscribe to our platform to try and find the best streamers possible to promote their games. To gain extra esteem, streamers can celebrate the amazing developers on the platform and give thanks to their generous opportunities on Lurkit. Celebrate their work, share your feedback, and remember to post content back on Lurkit to gain additional LurkCoins for future reward possibilities.

Continue Being Awesome

All Lurkit asks of you, the amazing streaming community, is to continue being awesome. Streaming is hard work, and it can be a very unrewarding job. The Lurkit team supports streamers of all sizes and enjoys watching you succeed. Grow with Lurkit, redeem amazing keys, and remember that successful streams start with Lurkit Keys!

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