How To Publish Your Game on Steam

Lurkit Team
November 17, 2021

Releasing a new game can be a complicated and exciting time, and there are tons of options available online for where to publish your title. However, one the of most popular places to publish games is on Steam due to its convenience and trustworthy reputation. Developers launch titles every month on Steam, and Lurkit helps market them with content creators across the web.

Publishing a game

You have worked hard and put hours into your title and it is finally time for release. While there are many marketplaces available, you have chosen Steam as your launch platform. Here you will aggregate your community, provide updates, and sell copies of your title to users across the world. While your game might be ready, the journey in game production has only just begun as now it is time to market and officially publish your title.

Steam makes publishing a game easy and straight forward with a direct guide available to users who join the Steamworks/Steam Direct program. As long as you have spent $5 on your account at some point, you can use your existing Steam account to sign up and publish your title. 

What Games Does Steam Allow?

Steam does expressly define what is not allowed on their platform. Any content that violates laws and copyright is prohibited. Content that is considered offensive, exploits children, or is blatantly promoting hate speech is also forbidden. Adult content can be allowed, however, but companies must have the proper labels and age-gate settings applied and every application is reviewed manually by Steam.


Legal Information

Your company’s name, your legal name, and your bank account must match all official documents. Single-developer companies can choose Sole Proprietorship and enter their address, more information is always available on Steam’s FAQ. After that, users must sign a non-disclosure agreement and Steam distribution agreement. This allows the user to accept the General Data Protection Regulation, License and Ownership along with a number of other items required for Steam publication.


Steam charges $100 for each game submitted which is a nonrefundable charge. This can, however, be recouped once the product has generated at least $1,000 in gross revenue through the Steam Store and in-app purchases. The revenue share agreement mentioned earlier commits you to gaining 70% of your revenue while 30% while be distributed to Steam. Once this is paid, developers can launch their game the following month giving them time to prepare their marketing strategy. 


Publish Your Game, Promote with Lurkit

With all of the fees taken care of and documents signed, it is time to set up your marketing strategy and outline your Steam page. Lurkit is the best premium resource available for promoting your next game through a influencer marketing campaign, and our hands-on staff can help guide your promotion into a successful launch.

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