We did our own Creator Program. And why you should get one too.

Franz Rier
May 24, 2024

A few weeks ago, we launched the Lurkit Creator Program (LCP) to an overwhelmingly positive response from our community, generating over 1,500 applications in the first week. That’s crazy numbers! For us, it was really nice to see all the engagement for Lurkit in socials.

But the question is, why did we start our own creator program? The simple answer is: we wanted to come closer to our community. Our users, both creators and companies, are what make Lurkit tick. By using the same features that they do, we get to understand our platform better, and this is something that we are obsessed with.

For community and social media teams, there are several benefits to having your own creator program, so let’s dive in!

Create longevity for your brand

Lurkit is in the games industry for the long run. Building a creator community isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. That’s where a creator program comes in.

And you can do it too. By setting up unique missions and rewards, you can activate creators on a large scale with fun missions to keep users engaged in the long run. It can be anything from playing a game for a certain number of hours to making a post on social media! And the benefits is that you create that longevity for your game or portfolio of games that is so difficult to achieve.

Build a strong community

Fostering a vibrant and interactive community is essential. Lurkit aims to connect more closely with our users to enhance both the platform and the creator experience, while also rewarding our loyal users.

Although anyone with a verified Lurkit account can apply to the program, we are especially eager to build relationships with our most dedicated users—those who have gone above and beyond to promote Lurkit and support our mission to help games grow.

You can achieve this as well by engaging creators who are passionate about your mission and deeply invested in the lore and world you've created.

A creator program is an excellent way to keep users engaged with your product over the long term; it’s a win-win situation.

Paving the way for future product development

We wanted to deep dive into our own program to also use it on our product development journey and help publishers and studios to build the best creator program possible! Continuously understanding creators is the only way to deliver what our customers need for the future and how our platform can be built to accommodate that.

This is something that you can benefit from as well. Gather their voices through a Creator Program thus letting your fanbase take part in the development of your IP can be very strong as your will be more attuned.


You can check out the Lurkit Creator Program at creators.lurkit.com, learn more about creator programs here: https://www.lurkit.gg/creator-programs, or browse some of the current creator programs powered by Lurkit:

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