🚀 What's New in the Gaming Streamverse? Lurkit's Q1 Scoop!

Stefan Backlund
April 16, 2024

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts and stats lovers!

Picture this: it's a cool day in Stockholm, and the gaming world is buzzing. Why? Because the numbers are in, and oh boy, they're looking good! The gaming streams have kicked off 2024 with a bang, boasting a whopping 10% jump in hours watched compared with the same period last year. Yeah, you read that right, a whole ten percent more gaming goodness soaked up by gamers across the globe!

Now, let's chat about the heavy hitters. You've got your classics, the OGs of gaming, holding their ground in the top charts. But guess who crashed the party? That's right, Palworld! With a staggering 76 million hours watched, this newcomer is shaking things up and breathing fresh life into a list usually ruled by decade-old titles.

Lurkit’s been keeping an eye out and counting every view, following up from our 2023 annual report, "The Games We Watched." This time we’re serving up quarterly bites to keep you in the know. Here's the dish on Q1 2024:

  • The total screen time hit a mind-blowing 3.8 billion hours.
  • Grand Theft Auto – still stealing the show with 479 million hours watched.
  • Fortnite didn’t just build a fort; it conquered the streaming throne with 8.12% of the total hours.
  • The big-time developers carved out 59% of the watch pie, down from last year's 63%.
  • And the trophy for the newbie with the most eyes on screen? Palworld, just shy of the Top 10 at spot 11.

Want to dive deep into the gaming ocean? You can snag the full list of the Top 500 games and their deets right here.

Let's get a shout out to the titles that made the Top 500 and had a bit of a glow-up thanks to Lurkit’s spotlight – I’m looking at you, Starfield and Dead Island 2, among others. These games have not only climbed the charts but also showed that marketing muscle flex!

Keep in mind while you're digging through the stats:

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Lurkit’s got. There’s a whole data treasure trove for those who want to go deeper.
  • If you’re a journalist or an analyst looking for the historical compare-and-contrast, we've got your back – just drop us a line.
  • And hey, if you're itching for a chat, interviews, and more intel, hit us up at hello@lurkit.gg.

🕹 A Little Bit About Lurkit

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That’s all for now! Stay tuned, stay gaming, and remember – it's all about making games grow.

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