3 Debuffs You Need To Fix In Your Influencer Marketing

Lurkit Team
November 9, 2021

Balancing buffs and debuffs in any video game setting is an important role for every member of the party. Too many stacks of poison, and a tank will be unable to to be healed. With too many debuffs in your influencer marketing strategy, you will start to see a decline in analytic performance and a rush of issues going unresolved.

Stacks of Inexperience

Finding the wrong influencers at the wrong time can easily cause a campaign to crash. While every streamer and content creator wants to reach the level of sponsorship, inexperience with their role can cause major issues for marketing professionals. When dealing with an inexperienced, yet successful, content creator it is best to either educate or outsource for more help. Gathering up more content creators to help guide the inexperienced users can be key, but educating them could up your campaign potential even more. As discussed in other posts, influencer marketing is about relationships, and maintaining a relationship with your content creators can help thwart future inexperience issues.


Bleeding out budget

When putting money into an influencer marketing campaign, it is important to track every penny of your investment. Streamers and content creators will often agree upon a base sum deal, but making sure that your ROI equals that sum is important. When dealing with multiple users at once, bleeding out pieces of your marketing budget is inevitable. However, finding trusted influencers and tracking your investment carefully can help overcome any drain over time effects that lengthy campaigns can cause.


Mind-controlled Takeovers

Takeover campaigns are a popular influencer marketing strategy, but this is not always ideal. Simply handing the keys to an influencer can result in mixed analytic ROI keypoints, and without a guiding hand the campaign can drift the wrong direction. Always partner and work with your influencers, and avoid giving the keys to any one mind unless absolutely certain that the campaign’s mind-control efforts will be rewarded. Otherwise, trust your marketing team and work with your influencers side by side rather than giving away all control to their creative discretion.


Get Started In Your Debuff Cures

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