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3 Tips For Increased Viewer Engagment on Twitch

October 13, 2021

For Twitch streamers, viewers are a massively important metric for establishing the success of a channel. Without viewers, a streamer loses credibility, and sponsorship opportunities quickly decline. While there are many guides on how to gain viewers, there are not as many revolving around retaining and engaging your audience. Increasing the viewer count on Twitch goes hand in hand with viewer engagement. Engaged viewers are advocates for Twitch channels, and streamers should work to keep their streams healthy and lively for their particular audiences. 

Performers vs. Performance 

On camera, performers look relaxed and relatable. Streams, podcasts, and YouTube videos give the feeling of a dream occupation. However, most performers put hours of work into preparing and curating their content creating a production for their fans. There is a large difference between enjoying the performance and being a performer.

While content creators can use many tips and tools to increase their engagement, if they are not willing to put in the work these tips won’t help. It is important for content creators to be willing to put in the work and understand the glacier effect that is prominent in the performance industry. With the glacier understood and overcome, a performer in the content creator market can move into increasing their viewer engagement on Twitch.


Tip 1 - Be You

The best thing a streamer can do to increase their viewer engagement and viewer count is be authentic to themselves. Rather than trying to copy other streams, a content creator’s core value is in the authenticity of their personality. To increase the engagement of their viewing population, a streamer should be in tune with who they are on camera and always be as transparent as possible for their community. 

While it is good to research other streams for ideas to implement, it is equally as important to make it your own. Engagement can only be found in engaging people, but this does not mean becoming a “meme lord” or “troll” online. Be honest, be present, and be you to get the most out of your streaming community’s engagement.

Tip 2 - Be True

The best story told is one rooted in truth. Alongside the idea of being yourself is the idea of transparency. Rather than trying to become someone else, it is important to be honest with your fans. If you are a super fan of a certain fandom, then embrace it rather than trying to say the “Cool thing.” Communities in Twitch are formed around shared love, and only be being honest with your fans can you discover what they value and truly care about in your online community.


Tip 3 - Be Pro

Professionalism is important when becoming an influencer online. While you may feel like the first two tips contradict with this one, it is important to maintain a professional perspective online. Don’t talk bad about other streamers, stay out of politics, and try to maintain a neutral and friendly space for your community to exist in. If it is a welcoming and generally happy place to be, then there is a higher chance someone will speak in chat and engage with your channel. Be a pro, and enjoy the perks that come with the professional streaming world. 


Lurkit Data

Viewer engagement is easily tracked with Lurkit. From follower count to CCV ratios, this data can be accessed by content creators completely free. In addition, content creators can reward their viewers with giveaway options, new content, and more using the opportunities available on Lurkit. While there are tons of great tips to increase viewership, only a few options provide the data needed to track those tips results in real time online.

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