5 Major Bosses To Defeat In Influencer Marketing

Lurkit Team
October 28, 2021

Marketing teams battle bosses everyday from writers block to inconsistent data. However, when it comes to Influencer Marketing these are the biggest bosses that must be overcome to win a successful campaign. Grab your gear, and draw your weapon as Lurkit guides you through the 10 biggest bosses to defeat in influencer marketing.

Boss 1 - The Campaign Concept

This boss appears before the campaign even begins. As marketing teams sketch out ideas, many teams get defeated before they even begin. Whether the campaign has too many steps, may not work, or other negative ideas can quickly slip into the meeting and defeat and influencer marketing strategy before it leaves the gate. To defeat this boss, teams should open the floor to all ideas. Explore every avenue, and find a root concept that everyone can agree on. Remember, it does not have to be perfect. All a team needs to get started is a core idea to start with.

Boss 2 - Influencer Fraud

Followers, engagement, and likes can not always be good evaluation tools when inspecting Influencer accounts. Scammers can buy followers to falsely boost their account, and accidentally selecting a fake influencer can be detrimental to campaign objectives. Lurkit requires an authentication process and gives you access to the data needed to sort out fake influencers, but the threat of accidently funding a fraud is still prominent on other platforms.

Boss 3 - Distracting KPIs

In the swarm of social media attention, marketing professionals can become distracted by extra KPI values. Followers, engagement, likes, and many other factors can be analyzed but you should prioritize campaign objectives over any incidental increases. Getting distracted by side-quest KPIs can result in a shift from campaign objectives and a loss of campaign ROI trends.

Boss 4 - Bad Positioning

Your brand has an image, a place, and a reputation among its community. Respecting this position is a key component to any brand positioning, but going outside those boundaries can be a major risk. Evaluate carefully before running an influencer campaign with any influencers that may stretch the bounds of your brand. Bad positioning through either copy, association, or promotional tactic can quickly dissuade a customer from investing in your game release or product.

Boss 5 - Traditional Standards

Advertising has been around for hundreds of years in varying forms. With the advent of the internet, advertising has had to evolve and marketing strategies continue to stray further from traditional standards. To defeat this boss, marketing professionals need to think outside the box and contact their consumer through variant methods. Forward marketing techniques can often result in backlash from community members, but integrated influencer marketing with the consumer in mind can circumvent traditional standard limitations. 

Lurkit is a great platform to help battle the bosses of your influencer marketing campaign. From using data to better position to vetting each influencer before distributing keys, Lurkit offers the tools needed to gear up for your next marketing quest. 

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