Evergreen content Part 1: Why it matters in game marketing

Stefan Backlund
May 17, 2024

In this series of three articles, we’ll deep dive into Evergreen content and its enduring relevance. Game marketers should consider it as a strategic asset because it’s continually engaging players and driving game discovery long after initial release. Here's why it's an essential element of any successful game marketing strategy.

First, what the heck is Evergreen content?

As the name suggests, Evergreen content in game marketing refers to content that remains relevant and valuable over time, regardless of trends or new releases. It consistently attracts and engages audiences, boosting long-term visibility and traffic. Common formats include guides, tutorials, FAQs, tips and tricks, and top player lists. These are often distributed through channels like blogs, social media platforms, YouTube, and game community forums. Such content helps in SEO, enhances brand authority, and fosters a loyal player base by providing ongoing value and support.

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Sustained player engagement

Evergreen content keeps the game alive in the minds of players by providing valuable resources that remain relevant regardless of time. For example, tutorials, advanced gameplay strategies, and comprehensive FAQs serve newbies and seasoned gamers alike. This content supports a game's community by encouraging ongoing engagement, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy active user base and fostering a strong, supportive community.

Big Games Machine reports that the average gamer uses between four and five different discovery channels to inform themselves of the latest game news, updates, and releases. This tells us that the content plan must be quite broad and include different types across multiple platforms.


Traditional marketing campaigns typically have a short lifespan, requiring significant reinvestment to maintain visibility. In contrast, evergreen content requires upfront investment but continues to pay dividends over time without additional costs. This makes it a highly cost-effective marketing strategy, as it continues to drive traffic, encourage downloads, and generate revenue long after the content is published. The return on investment for evergreen content often surpasses that of standard advertising campaigns, as it continuously enhances player engagement and game visibility.

In fact, Evergreen content works as a foundation for communication that will be available along the entire lifespan of your game.

Illustrative chart shows how content endures during different phases of a game’s life cycle.

Enhanced discoverability

Platforms like YouTube and TikTok reward content that retains viewers longer, often pushing evergreen content higher in search results and recommendations. This natural boost in discoverability means that games with strong evergreen content can achieve greater organic reach, reducing the need for paid advertising. Over time, this content accumulates views and shares, continuously working to introduce new players to the game. According to a 2024 study made by Big Games Machine, 64% of players are using YouTube for game discovery.

Building a dedicated community

Evergreen content not only attracts players but also helps in building a loyal community. Deep-dive articles into game lore, character backstories, or advanced gameplay mechanics provide a foundation for community interactions, fan theories, and player investment. This type of content encourages players to spend more time within the game ecosystem, participating in forums, social media discussions, and other community activities that enhance their attachment to the game.

Market differentiation

In a market flooded with countless games, standing out is more important than ever. Evergreen content offers a way to differentiate a game from its competitors by highlighting unique features, such as innovative gameplay mechanics or captivating storylines. This ongoing differentiation is vital for long-term success, as it keeps existing players engaged and attracts new players looking for a distinctive gaming experience.

Conclusion Part 1

The importance of evergreen content in game marketing cannot be overstated. By ensuring long-term engagement, offering cost-effective marketing solutions, enhancing organic discoverability, building a dedicated community, and providing market differentiation, evergreen content serves as a cornerstone for sustaining and growing a game's presence in a highly competitive market. For game developers and marketers, investing in high-quality evergreen content is not just a strategy—it's a necessity for longevity in the gaming industry.

In the next part, we’ll be jumping on activation of Evergreen content with creators, something that naturally is close to our heart at Lurkit. Let’s go!

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