Evergreen content Part 2: How to work with creators to produce long lasting gaming content

Stefan Backlund
May 31, 2024

Identifying evergreen topics with creators

Working with content creators begins with selecting topics that maintain their appeal and usefulness over time. Collaborate with creators who are passionate about your game and can contribute authentic insights on:

  • Core Gameplay Mechanics: Detailed explanations of the game’s fundamentals, suitable for beginners and returning players.
  • Strategy Guides: Creators can offer advanced gameplay strategies that continue to evolve with the game but remain rooted in core mechanics.
  • Character Deep Dives: Influencers can explore character builds, backstory, and optimal strategies, which resonate with new players and lore enthusiasts alike.
  • Lore Exploration: Engage creators who can craft compelling narratives around your game's universe, enriching the player's experience and connection to the game.

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Investing in high-quality production

To ensure the content remains engaging and professionally appealing:

  • Provide resources for high-quality production: Support creators with tools and resources like high-quality graphics or editing software to enhance their content’s appeal.
  • Encourage professional standards: Work with creators who maintain a high level of professionalism in their visuals, audio, and overall presentation.

Pro tip: In Paid collaborations (Quests) on Lurkit you can give very detailed briefs to creators which is appreciated because it takes away the uncertainties of expectations. Also, you will be able to approve the content before it’s published.

Engaging and interacting with the audience

Creators are at the forefront of interaction; they can significantly enhance engagement by:

  • Initiating conversations: Encourage creators to ask questions, create polls, and foster discussions in their content to build a community around your game.
  • Responsive interaction: Creators should be active in responding to comments and engaging with their viewers, keeping the community lively and connected.

Updating content through creators

Evergreen content may need updates to stay relevant. Set up a system where creators can:

  • Revise older content: Occasionally update videos or posts to reflect the latest changes in the game, keeping the content current and useful.
  • React to game updates: Prompt creators to produce updated content when new features or significant updates are released.

Utilizing analytics to inform content strategy

Use analytics to make informed decisions about the content:

  • Track performance: Monitor which types of content perform best in terms of engagement and viewership.
  • Feedback loop: Use viewer feedback gathered by creators to guide future content development.

Pro tip: In the Results and reporting view on the Lurkit platform you can analyse very exact performance on a game basis, on a campaign basis and all the way down to the individual creator and their content. Sweet, huh?

Cross-Promotion across platforms

Amplify the reach of evergreen content by:

  • Cross-platform strategy: Ensure that creators are promoting their content across all their platforms, from YouTube videos to Instagram stories and TikTok clips.
  • Unified campaigns: Coordinate content release across different creators and platforms to maximize impact and coverage.

Pro tip: Cross-platform activations ensure that you have a much higher chance to build your reach. Don’t put all eggs in one basket, YouTube is the biggest yes, but players are making informed decisions in other places as well.


Leveraging content creators to produce evergreen content is a strategic approach that can significantly extend the lifespan and relevance of your game in the market. By choosing the right topics, ensuring high production quality, fostering active engagement, and effectively using analytics, you can build a robust content ecosystem that continually attracts and retains players. Collaborating with skilled creators not only brings creativity and variety to your content but also strengthens the bond between your game and its community.

In the third and final part, we’ll be jumping on successful case studies of famous brands and their evergreen content strategies.

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