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GTFO brings horror to a new level

December 21, 2021

Horror games gain an extra level of attention during the tail end of the year. Following the surge of Halloween, November and December are filled with interesting horror titles to explore. However, GTFO from 10 Chambers Collective is a different kind of experience which challenges streamers in a unique and challenging way. If you are looking for a coop horror game to bring your team into, GTFO might just have what you are looking for.

If you enjoy shooters with a twist, then GTFO from 10 Chambers is a must have experience. Fans of Killing Floor, Back 4 Blood, and Rainbow Six style strategy will love the GTFO action!

What is GTFO

Play as a team of prisoners dropped into the depths of a decayed research facility known as the Complex. Descend level by level, scavenge for tools, and travel through tunnels filled with nightmarish creatures hiding in the shadows. Clear your Work Order and you can leave, or die trying as the Warden does not particularly care about his prisoners.

This is a coop game by nature, so the developers are offering a unique chance for streamers hoping to claim keys. Claiming this title on Lurkit will grant you access to four keys in total allowing you to bring in fellow content creators and show off the game’s inherent values of teamwork and communication. While it can be played solo, its inherent design prospers under a team-based interaction.

When to Stream

Since early this month, GTFO has seen a surge of streamers and viewers with an audience nearing 1000 viewers. The trend continues to spike from day to day leaving several openings for interested streamers to take advantage of. 

Based on the current channels playing this title, streamers looking for some extra attention could easily slip this title into their Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday slot without having to compete with other content creators. These openings have been consistent for weeks with GTFO primarily being streamed on weekends taking advantage of this surge in viewers. 

Stream Ideas

There are many content creators streaming this title with thousands of viewers tuning in. As a cooperative experience, linking up with these creators could be a viable option for making new connections as a streamer. With the extra keys, this game can help your stream expand its audience into the content of other creators.

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