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How to get free Steam keys as a content creator

November 16, 2021

Steam is a powerful marketplace where thousands of games are sold, traded, and demoed by developers. As a content creator, it is important to know how to get free Steam keys to continuously produce new content for your viewers. Using this guide, getting free Steam keys becomes easier for content creators of all sizes to claim new and old games.

Steam Key Breakdown

Online, Steam games can be obtained through Steam wallet cash, codes, and game trading. Players across the world network with each other to explore new titles, and content creators are a large part of that community. While there are tons of “free Steam cash” programs available, there is a much easier way for content creators to claim free games. Get free Steam games as a content creator from the source directly using a few smart options


Free Steam Keys for Content Creators

Reddit is an amazing resource for gathering advice, contacting other content creators, and finding free keys. Developers, sponsored streamers, and many other types of users distribute keys frequently on threads like r/FreeGamesOnSteam and r/SteamGameSwap. While this is a viable option for smaller content creators, streamers and YouTubers with larger followings have a more direct approach.

Lurkit is the premium service that connects content creators directly with publishers and game developers of all sizes. Through Lurkit, the question of how to get free steam keys as a content creator is solved as a user can simply request a key directly from the source. Sign up completely free, aggregate your content all in one place, and use your follower count and CCV to claim free titles on Lurkit.

Claim Even More Free Keys

The opportunities for free steam keys as a content creator do not stop there. Once a game has been recorded and experienced with your community, the content can be submitted to Lurkit to gain LurkCoins which can open up access to even more free titles in the Lurkit Store. Claim games, create content, redeem LurkCoins and get free Steam keys as a content creator with Lurkit.

Join Lurkit for Free Keys

Joining Lurkit is easy and free, all it requires is users to meet a minimum threshold of subscribers on YouTube or Twitch. With that in place, content creators can start browsing through the Lurkit library and applying for keys directly from the developers. While you are not guaranteed every game, Lurkit opens the door for hundreds of opportunities that would have been unavailable otherwise.

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Hundreds of game developers are using Lurkit to scale their marketing effortlessly.