Lurkit redefines influencer marketing with performance-based 'Paid Missions'

Lurkit Team
May 13, 2024

Stockholm, Sweden – Today, Lurkit announces the launch of its innovative 'Paid Missions' product, a game-changing technology in the influencer marketing realm. This new offering allows for performance-based influencer marketing transactions on a per-view, per-hours-watched, and soon, on a pay-per-click basis. By transitioning from traditional engagement metrics to actionable insights, 'Paid Missions' enables marketers to allocate budgets more effectively and directly link influencer activities to tangible business outcomes.

Historically, influencer marketing in the gaming industry focused on engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares. While these metrics are useful for gauging audience interaction, they fall short in demonstrating direct impact on sales or user acquisition. Lurkit’s 'Paid Missions' addresses this gap by monetizing specific actions, thereby aligning influencer marketing more closely with performance marketing principles.

The strategic shift allows digital marketers to manage influencer campaigns with unprecedented precision, ensuring that investment in influencer marketing translates into measurable consumer actions. This is particularly crucial in the gaming sector where each interaction can pivotally influence a sale or download.

"With 'Paid Missions',you are not just paying for potential; you are investing in performance. This marks a pivotal evolution in marketing strategy, making every dollar spent fully accountable," said Henrik Hansing, Chief Product Officer of Lurkit.

This approach not only streamlines budgeting but also fosters deeper, more results-oriented relationships between brands and influencers.

The introduction of 'Paid Missions' signifies a broader role for digital marketers in campaign strategies, integrating them more deeply into direct marketing efforts. The tool's analytical nature allows a strategic oversight, shifting the influencer marketing efforts from community or social segments to a more central role in marketing strategies.

“The barriers between brand and digital marketing have never been thinner with the introduction of performance-based influencer marketing. The ‘Paid Missions’ product is not only designed for the gaming studios and publishers, but it is also a game changer for non-endemic brands and media agencies seeking tangible outcomes, “ said Henrik Hansing, Chief Product Officer of Lurkit.

As Lurkit continues to innovate, 'Paid Missions' is expected to set new standards in the marketing industry, transforming influencer marketing from a nebulous investment into a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies in gaming.


  • ‘Paid Mission’ allows media buyers to engage influencers on a pay-per view, pay-per-hours watched and soon pay-per-click basis
  • Media purchases are done on Lurkits platform which integrates prospecting of influencers, contracting, approval flows and payments in one place
  • A ‘Creator Program’ subscription is needed for brands to use ‘Paid Missions’. 
  • A ‘Creator Program’ is a creator community hub built on the Lurkit platform. Today, circa 40 Creator Programs are live. Visit to learn more.

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