Lurkit releases paid sponsorship functionality to empower marketing in gaming

Lurkit Team
June 9, 2022

Lurkit’s tech platform algorithmically analyzes and presents data from more than 150.000 games and millions of live streaming and video views on Twitch and YouTube continuously. We give gaming companies an understanding of trending games and who and where people are talking about them.

Our platform is empowering gaming companies to get real-time and actionable insights about the social performance of their games. It is also a marketing platform for organic campaigns where gaming companies can distribute keys and invite users for beta trials. Now we have launched paid sponsorships functionality under the Quests™ brand.

  • “The core of Lurkit consists of huge amounts of data, state-of-the-art technology, and a GUI that neatly packages insights to empower marketers to make excellent decisions and be more effective and precise in their work. With Lurkit you can deploy global campaigns within a day to the right audience on Twitch and YouTube. We have an exciting pipeline of gaming companies that want to activate campaigns and a rapidly growing creator community in the tens of thousands. The bidding and integrated payment functionality in the platform introduce transparency, security, and mutual trust between the two parties”, says Sam Niskanen, co-founder, and CEO of Lurkit.

The backdrop of Lurkit’s position in the gaming market is the multi-billion opportunities in live and video streaming as a growing part of the media budgets today are spent on influencers.

  • “There are companies out there that are already now connecting content creators and game developers. Commonly they work as an intermediary between agencies and content creators which fundamentally is a very manual type of interaction. If you want to market a game at scale you quickly need tech as a base and this is exactly what the core of Lurkit is”, says Sam Niskanen.

Lurkit's base of tens of thousands of content creators is growing exponentially and a substantial part is active in campaigns on a weekly basis. Currently, hundreds of titles are marketed through our platform.

  • “Quests is a game-changer for the industry, both content creators and gaming companies can now build their brands at scale. It is a win-win situation for both parties as gaming companies are struggling to find the right content creator to promote their titles and content creators are struggling to get paid”, says Sam Niskanen.

About Lurkit

Lurkit is a gaming platform for data-driven collaborations between content creators, game developers, and publishers. Our mission is to deliver the best ecosystem that connects all major stakeholders in gaming for commercial and creative growth. Lurkit is based in Linköping and Stockholm, Sweden, and currently employs 18 talents. Over 800 gaming companies, studios and publishers are using our platform.

For further information:

Sam Niskanen, CEO and co-founder, +46 72 84 33 273,

Stefan Backlund, CMO, +46 70 862 84 89,

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Hundreds of game developers are using Lurkit to scale their marketing effortlessly.