Lurkit’s Last Week in Gaming: Monster Hunter Stories 2, Brawlhalla, more

Lurkit Team
July 15, 2021

We saw an exciting week on Twitch last week, with some old-school titles making waves and a new launch storming the platform. 

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest viewership changes that happened on Twitch last week.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Starts Strong

monster hunter stories 2 lurkit

The newest iteration in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin made some of the biggest waves on Twitch with it’s explosive launch. Let’s take a look at some of its initial numbers:

  • 1.4 Million Hours Watched 
  • 9,215 Average CCV 
  • 32,520 Peak CCV 
  • 36,809 Hours Broadcast (Airtime) 
  • 228 Average Channels Live
monster hunter stories 2 lurkit data

Things are definitely looking strong for the game so far, especially considering all this data covers just four days, with the game releasing on July 8. If things continue as they are, we could definitely see Wings of Ruin spend some time in the Twitch spotlight. 


Brawlhalla Explodes As Esports Scene Kicks Off

brawlhalla lurkit

Moving away from new releases, we saw Brawlhalla get a massive boost in viewership, skyrocketing to one of the top spots on Twitch as the sixth year of its esports scene kicked off.

  • 640,780 Hours Watched 
  • 3,968 Average CCV 
  • 56,338 Peak CCV 
  • 20,124 Hours Broadcast (Airtime) 
  • 125 Average Channels Live
brawlhalla data lurkit week 27

The biggest news behind these numbers are the overall increases. Hours Watched rose by 205.5%, while Average CCV increased by 217.8% - an absolutely massive rise in overall viewership! This was even backed by a fall in both Average Channels Live (-3.1%) and Airtime (-6.8%), this means there were both fewer streamers and hours spent streaming, but viewership still rose significantly! 

Judging by the interest so far, the future is looking bright for Brawlhalla esports.


22-Year-Old Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Sees Surprise Growth

heroes of might and magic 3 lurkit

A blast from the past has been slowly working its way up the Twitch ladder and made some very impressive gains last week. Let’s take a look at some of Heroes of Might and Magic 3’s numbers:

  • 751,386 Hours Watched 
  • 4,655 Average CCV 
  • 11,282 Peak CCV 
  • 4,297 Hours Broadcast (Airtime) 
  • 27 Average Channels Live
heroes of might and magic 3 lurkit data

There are some very interesting numbers behind the old-school turn-based strategy game. Compared to other titles around its viewership rank, it sees much smaller peaks, but it has very consistent viewership throughout, with each day’s charts looking very similar. Overall though, it made quite big gains, with Hours Watched rising by 31.6%, while Average CCV rose by 36.9%

This comes alongside a small 3.3% fall in Airtime, meaning there are simply more and more viewers tuning in. It seems that the game is a bit of a cult classic and has a very loyal base of fans, which is slowly drawing in more and more viewers - it will be very interesting to see how the game’s viewership progresses over the coming weeks. 


Sea of Thieves Continues Twitch Struggles

sea of thieves lurkit week 27

It’s been a rough few weeks for Sea of Thieves, which continues to bleed viewership on Twitch. The game saw a good few weeks just a few months ago, but has since been struggling and things continue to be heading in a downwards trend:

  • 1.8 Million Hours Watched 
  • 11,716 Average CCV 
  • 32,539 Peak CCV 
  • 131,783 Hours Broadcast (Airtime) 
  • 816 Average Channels Live
sea of thieves lurkit week 27 data

The numbers by themselves don’t look bad at all, but it’s the weekly change that tells the whole story. Hours Watched are down by 33.4%, Average CCV saw a fall of 30.7% and even Airtime and Average Channels Live are struggling, down 25.8% and 22.8% respectively. 

Overall, there looks to be a mass exodus in the Sea of Thieves scene on Twitch, with viewers and streamers departing en masse. Microsoft will definitely have to take some action soon, or they may see their favorite pirate game sink. 


Black Desert Online Begins to Lose Steam

black desert lurkit

Another game that saw a rough week is Black Desert Online. The MMO recently climbed up the Twitch rankings and is now sliding back down as it begins to lose the steam driving it forward. Let’s take a look at some of its numbers: 

  • 1.1 Million Hours Watched 
  • 7,370 Average CCV 
  • 14,047 Peak CCV 
  • 38,743 Hours Broadcast (Airtime) 
  • 240 Average Channels Live
black desert lurkit data

Again, it’s one where the viewership changes tell the full story. Hours Watched and Average CCV are down 34.6% and 32%, respectively, alongside a 17.4% loss in Airtime

The numbers aren’t the biggest shock, as Black Desert is coming off of a big Twitch drops campaign and new content drop. However, it is slightly worrying how fast the viewers are dropping and there is also the question of: how many viewers can they retain?

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