Platinum Tier Influencer Marketers Should Never Make These Mistakes

Lurkit Team
October 26, 2021

Every company is different, and each campaign needs a special touch. However, it is vital that when developing and managing an influencer marketing campaign teams keep in mind these major mistakes. By knowing what could go wrong, a marketing team can adjust as needed to ensure a higher chance of ROI success.


Mistake 1: Forget your Goals

When it comes to influencer marketing, teams should always keep their goals at the forefront of the plan. In the chaos of campaign crafting, analytic reviews, and creating interesting copy it is common for teams to forget their primary goals. Campaigns should revolve around more than just getting likes, and instead the goals set at the beginning should be the priority. Increasing sales, promoting a new product, or announcing new features are all great examples of a major goal that should stand above social media KPI values. 

Mistake 2: Focus a Single Platform

Digital consumers are users of multiple platforms, sometimes simultaneously. While you may be performing well on one platform versus others, it is important to continue rotating content out across all channels throughout the campaign. Focusing a single platform can often blindside opportunities and result in a fall of campaign returns.

Mistake 3: Copy Competitors


Taking notes as to what the competing companies are doing is a great start, but every marketing team should strive to do more. Rather than just mimicking the competitors content, marketing teams should innovate and adapt their content around the new influencer campaign. Become more than an interactive advertisement, and integrate your message into the core pulse of your target consumers.

Mistake 4: Excluding Influencers Due to Size

All publicity is good publicity, or so the saying goes. It is important to value small and mid-tier influencers alongside your mega-influencer marketing campaigns. Create a welcoming environment, cater to all audiences, and give your attention to anyone who wants to be involved. While mega-influencers may have a larger reach, smaller content creators can often spark more value based media that reflects the heart of your brand’s message. 

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