Pro Gamer Moves To Optimize YouTube Influencer Marketing

Lurkit Team
December 1, 2021

YouTube has been an entertainment giant for the gaming industry since its early conception. Players submit reviews, playthroughs, streams, and more on the platform daily making it a massive marketing opportunity. To market through gaming influencers, developers and publishers will need these pro gamer moves to help make the most of their YouTube influencer marketing campaigns.


Research your Influencer

Research is key and although there are tons of willing content creators that want to play your title, not all can provide the value you need. Gather data on the influencer’s trends, view counts, and possible ROI before embarking on a marketing campaign. Google analytics, willing submission of the content creator’s data, and databases like Lurkit can offer quick ways to perform your research when looking at a potential influencer for your next marketing endeavor.


Product Placement is Key

It is not enough to have your game in the title. Key words, repetition of your game’s name, and visual clues are important when paying for a influencer marketing campaign. Most influencers will automatically source the game and explain a little about it, but a company can do much more to inspire and advocate for their game’s promotion. Major studios send t-shirts and other swag to the content creator, but smaller studios could offer premade banners and some minor giveaways to get a similar product placement agreement in place.


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

One influencer is not enough, and one shout out can not cover an entire campaign. Repeat the message, slogan, and title of your game and ensure that the content creators are doing the same. This is important as repetition of the title and keyword promotion can result in a higher click rate for users searching for content. Make sure the influencer understands their role, and strive to be the center of attention in your influencer’s content for as long as possible.

Finding the right influencer for YouTube marketing is made easy with Lurkit. Access the database, vet content creators, and invite thousands of possible matches instantly. Lurkit has a place in every game marketing effort, so be sure to schedule a meeting with one of our account managers as soon as possible!

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