Results matter, keys don't. Here's why!

Lurkit Team
September 24, 2021

Game key distribution sites are a pivotal pillar in the bridge that connects streamers to game publishers and developers. For only a single game key, an influencer can bring tons of additional press and attention to titles both indie and AAA. Depending on the title, this is a small investment for a massive boost in publicity, and this momentum can be leveraged to turn any minor game release into a massive success. This is all reliant, however, on innovative marketing for the titles which can often start with a single game key.

Spreadability, quotability, and promotion factors

Game keys don’t matter, even if the game itself is a great piece of entertainment. When it comes to influencer marketing, it breaks down to spreadability, quotability, and promotability within the gaming ecosystem. These are the main factors that show results in influencer marketing and paying attention to these factors can bring early success to titles of all sizes. Create campaigns that are spreadable, quotable, and promotable, to see results in exchange for only a few keys placed with key influencers across the internet. 

Outline of promotions

In our guide on leveraging your influencer market, we break down influencer selection as a vital step. That is due to a single game key gaining thousands of reach possibilities through a streamer’s network. While advertisements, trailers, and web banners serve an important part in game promotion there is a hidden power in influencer marketing that Lurkit helps marketing and PR teams explore. By distributing keys to relevant influencers, a game can find results that far outweigh the cost of a game key in overall sales.

organic traction

Results impact on games

Streamer validation can shift a game from being a small release into a major title. Games like Among Us, Fall Guys, and Splitgate have prospered off of streamer engagement showing the impact they can have on titles of all sizes. Results come in the form of game sales, impressions online, and overall share of voice increase in gaming circles. These shifts can impact games directly and save marketing teams money and time by cultivating communities through key distribution engagement.

Goals, budget, and execution

Marketing budgets can often spend thousands of dollars with very little return on investment. While the overall goal is to sell the game, giving away keys can often cost less than an expensive marketing campaign. Budgeting for promotion through game keys relies on goal setting and execution, but with dramatically fewer financial requirements. 

In general, streamers are willing to try and organically promote games by studios of all sizes in exchange for a key. The key gives them content to share with their viewers, and often this can mean hours of streaming gameplay available to any interested audience. With the average game key only costing between $15 and $30, a full marketing campaign can be performed through streamer engagement for less than $1,000 USD. 

Promotion requirements are key

When marketing with influencers and game keys, it is important to pay attention to the requirements set for the key. On Lurkit, developers can set thresholds to their titles to limit what kind of creators can access the game keys. However, this can limit several potentially viable streamers from playing the game and allows companies to miss out on profitable partnerships. With Lurkit’s data available within the campaign window, companies can address each key request independently and be able to assess eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

It is good to be picky, however, when it comes to allowing streamers access. If the community is too small, it may be smart to pass up a channel for a larger opportunity. Larger reach is often important in promoting game titles, and some streams can not support a large enough community for a good return on investment. However, do consider the impact of each streamer on their share of voice. Small streamers are well connected, and one playing the title and seeing success could spark a whole new realm of sales within other stream communities.

Lurkit helps with streamer harvesting, monitoring, and key distribution

Our platform is designed for developers of all sizes to get the most out of their influencer marketing strategies. Accessing Lurkit can bring data, influencers, and market trend research straight to the marketing team and help decide how to best get results quickly. When it really comes to influencer marketing, all that truly matters is results rather than the price of a single game key.

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