Rewarding profits comes from rewarding players

Lurkit Team
November 4, 2021

Video games capitalize on a player’s reward center giving them a rush of accomplishment, competitive energy, and several other chemical reactions. These simulated environments thrive on rewarding the player’s participation, and by continuing to reward the game’s community developers can find a source or rewarding profits. However, the industry continues to recycle and remix old concepts causing many players to feel unrewarded and drained by new releases.

Games that excel

Innovation, twists, and exploration into new territory are a great way to give players a rewarding experience in your next release. Streamers and influencers often highlight games that “feel familiar” yet are innovative on their core design. For example, platformers have been around for a very long time but there is a major difference between Super Mario Bros. and Super Meat Boy. Outside of innovation and exploration, games that breach new territory and explore possibilities that have yet to be done tend to either shine well or fail gloriously once released. When it comes to evaluating profits, however, the risks for a new franchise possibility far outweigh the penalties of a failed release.


Game that recycle

Call of Duty, sports games, and many other releases tend to recycle the same gameplay loop over and over. While the tone, story, and graphics may evolve the base principles of the game stay the same. This creates an interesting divide among players as the ones seeking new plotlines still feel rewarded, however the multiplayer fans are quickly seeing the pattern. Unrewarded players seek alternative options, and expand into other franchises rather than staying with the core release. While there is still profit in recycling content, after years of doing it over and over the reward to cost ratio can become skewed. This results in less rewarded players, and in effect, less rewarding profits.

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Thirst for new content

Among many gamers, there is a thirst for new and innovative game experiences. That is why indie games and new releases are so vitally important to the gaming ecosystem. Lurkit offers a great way to promote new games, find the right influencers, and market your title to an audience that wants new gameplay opportunities. So if you are a large studio or a solo developer, Lurkit is the place for you to come and market your new game. Reward the streamers, reward the players, and find the possibility of rewarding profits.


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