Tips, Tricks, And Hacks For Marketing On Steam

Lurkit Team
October 21, 2021

For game developers, Steam is one of the most prominent marketplaces top publish and release new titles. A good reception on Steam can mean massive profits, trending possibilities, and fan support for a new game. This makes marketing on Steam a vitally important skill for the modern developer to acquire in their game production quest. So here are some tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you market your game on Steam and gain extra loot along the way.

Sharing Your Journey

Game development is a long journey and the audience wants to hear about how your game was made. Be it developer blogs, details social posts, or intricate behind the scenes looks developers should share their journey with the budding community. This adds an additional layer of value and insight to the game’s release which will have a direct impact on your success in game marketing.


Hacking Influencer Engagement

Engage with the influencer market and include every source possible in your search. Contact YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Game Bloggers, and Steam Curators to push hard into the influencer angle. Lurkit is a great way to hack the system as our prominent database can cut down the time it takes to harvest content creators and vet possible contacts. When it comes to influencer marketing you should always prioritize quality content creators over quantity.


Major Tip: Create Custom Content

Congratulations on releasing your game, but your job as a creator is far from over. From news updates to blog posts, you must constantly create new content that can create additional value for your game. Steam offers a way to notify all the owners of your game at once, so continuously  catering to the community will help drive further game engagement.


Social Media Tricks

Social Media can be a complex beast, but if handled properly it can also become your most vital asset. Engage with hashtags and people within the industry, tap into your market directly, and share your custom content on a large scale. Social Media is an engagement based system, so you must engage it constantly to gain leverage in the online community. Giveaways, directly contacting influencers, and promoting your title is a good start but do more. Create value on your channel and become a part of the platform rather than just a promotionary robot taking up virtual space.

Need Extra Help?

Explore Lurkit’s ecosystem and gain control over your game marketing strategy. Lurkit offers the data, tools, and resources needed to handle your marketing needs and help promote your new game release.

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