Top 3 Market Trends of 2021 to Gamify

Lurkit Team
November 11, 2021

Modern marketing carries on with methods that have remained successful for many years. However, gaming marketing is evolving and gamification of strategies continues to appear as a key point in the future of the industry. Creating a gamified experience within your B2B and B2C communication can easily result in a more positive employee experience and a higher reception rate of your target audience. Out of all the 2021 market trends to focus on, these three trends are the most important to gamify in your next marketing strategy. 


Gamification and Brand Purpose

Consumers are extremely selective when picking brands they identify with. This is mainly due to the market being filled with tons of similar products, companies, and slogans that cause market saturation. To help combat this, a brand can gamify their purpose and push a more authentic value centric point of view through interactive feeds. Mission statements and brand purpose provide the foundation for every organization, and it is important that a brand present their mission statement as approachable.

Reward User Generated Content

When a user creates something to show their appreciation of a brand, a company can do much more than just acknowledge it. Challenge the community, hold competitions, and reward enthusiastic fans that produce truly unique content that resonates with your brand. By crafting a reward system out of UGC networks, a brand can see an increased in review and conversions based on the inherent trust found in UGC online. Reward, amplify, and engage the community in ways that they never would have expected.

Level Up Conversational Strategies

Rather than talking at your consumers, talk to them. There is a trend in creating a more conversational and personal tone within marketing strategies, and this can easily be leveled up with a few tweaks. Enhance consumer interactions, create higher levels of customer loyalty, and make it fun for the marketing team and the consumer. Gamifying your conversation marketing tactics is easy when you have access to the data needed to connect on a personal level with your community.


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