Top Three Things Micro-Influencers Are Great For

Lurkit Team
October 19, 2021

Influencer marketing for a new title can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Lurkit is always here to help connect game developers and publishers with the influencer market. Selecting the right size of influencers is vital to campaign success, and for many publishers, large influencers do not always mean large ROIs. Sometimes, a micro-influencer can be a perfect fit for an indie title or AAA promotion. Here are three things that micro-influencers excel at that larger influencers just can’t do.

Micro-influencers can be defined as any content creator with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers and an average CCV. Working with multiple micro-influencers can often be more impactful than working with fewer macro- and mega-influencers, at a much lower cost. Lurkit offers several ways to filter influencers while promoting new titles which can help developers find the perfect sized influencer for their particular campaign.


Number 1: Budget-Friendly Promotions

While it can be argued that large influencers can technically charge less, many of them won’t. Micro-influencers are happy to support a game release and can afford to do so at a smaller fee. Rather than shelling out thousands for a single macro influencer, investing well-placed hundreds among the micro-influencers community can often result in a larger ROI for a game’s campaign. This can be more budget-friendly and can often result in a more hands-on approach when handling a new product. 


Number 2: Trustworthy Reputations

Often called the “down-to-earth effect,” many micro-influencers are more trustworthy to the average viewer. Without layered sponsorships and complicated legal deals, many viewers believe that a smaller influencer is being transparent and honest on camera. While fame has its perks, the general distrust can often outweigh the scale of a mega influencer’s share of voice. By investing in smaller accounts a company can show its dedication to supporting new voices and highlight “customer opinions” in a more authentic tone.


Number 3: Building Relationships

This is the chance a company has to make an impact on a micro-influencer career. By supporting an influencer early on, a company can help them grow and can show a longer dedication to a game company. This creates a long-lasting relationship that can often spark an ambassador-level relationship with the influencer. Larger content creators need to keep a variety of contracts active, but a micro-influencer does not hold the same tier of obligations. Embrace this early relationship and explore how working with micro-influencers could be key to the next big game marketing campaign.

Lurkit Can Help

Lurkit offers the perfect ecosystem for gathering and connecting with influencers of all sizes. Using a network of database searching and trend tracking, developers can find the perfect influencer to play and promote their title. Explore how Lurkit can find the next ambassador for your brand and get started leveling up your game marketing strategies. 

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