Turn Your Customer Journey Into An Epic Quest

Lurkit Team
October 20, 2021

All titles from Indie releases to AAA titles create value for themselves within the Customer Journey. As games continue to shift from a product to a service-based market, it becomes extremely important for game developers to level up their buyer models and create an epic quest for their customer base. With unexpected issues often appearing, a poorly constructed user flow could result in lost consumer transactions.

With games built on a service-based model, players enter the game world with minimal investment. This makes in-game purchases and continued support vital to the success of these titles. Whether it is buying new DLC installments or supporting the developers with cosmetic purchases players need to be fully onboarded before they invest in a new title. To ensure the success of a game’s customer journey, developers should make the conversion path as brief and streamlined as possible.

Side-Quest Your Marketing

Advertising for any game past 2016 is a continuously expensive endeavor. In the United States, billions of dollars flow through video game advertising with mixed results across the industry. New channels for promotions, influencers, and a wide audience can make marketing a game cost more than the production itself. Games are no longer a single product industry and players are actively seeking to invest their time and money into a single title for longer periods of time.

Put the Journey in Customer Journey

This changes the dynamic and puts the customer journey forefront. Players are looking for feedback on the title, watching streamers engage with the game, and tracking reviews before purchase. Even AAA titles like Call of Duty are experiencing this flux of community feedback that shifts the focus into the journey rather than the product itself.

The experience of interacting with a game release, submitting feedback, and engaging with the game’s developers or community will impact the final sales numbers. If a game is difficult to find, operate, purchase, or engage with fans can quickly become dissuaded to invest in that title. Shift part of the marketing budget towards the user experience of the title itself, and create a journey that will reward player investment and involvement in the entire production funnel.


Frustration is an Epic Boss

Problems that often appear within the game can easily include everything from launch errors to server issues. While these can be repaired with quick patches, unclear tutorials and negative user feedback can both quickly dissuade a purchase. The goal is to shift the customer journey to be as streamlined as possible while syncing with the overall game experience. Blending the game itself with the conversion funnel gamify the system and create a unique experience for the user.

Frustration is a major boss battle for players, and games that are hard to understand or operate can cause this. If a game is difficult to purchase, requires excessive effort on the user’s end, or has major server connectivity issues this can ripple backward through the conversion funnel. Onboarding for a new title needs to be a fluid experience that mitigates frustrating prospects from the consumer side. Defeat problems before they happen, and implement drip email campaigns to try and pull back users who may not have completed their initial purchase.


Launch with Lurkit to Jumpstart The Quest

Connecting with Lurkit can offer the game a chance to run several tests prior to release. By releasing into the influencer market, feedback can quickly be given by the streamer and their viewers regarding the game. Further, frustrating issues can be bypassed and promotional tools become easy to access to continue promoting the title. Create a hub for the game and center streamer engagement in one place using Lurkit’s wide array of tools. Once the campaign is up and running, track the impact of a well-launched title using the analytic features that Lurkit has curated just for you!

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