Beyond Engagement: Introducing performance-based influencer marketing with Lurkit's Paid Missions

Stefan Backlund
April 23, 2024

The introduction of Lurkit’s new product, ‘Paid Missions,’ represents a significant shift in how influencer marketing can be leveraged within the gaming industry. This new technology facilitates influencer marketing purchases on a per-view, per-hours-watched and soon on a pay-per-click basis, marking a pivotal evolution from mere engagement metrics to substantial, actionable insights.

Paid Missions is transforming influencer marketing

Influencer marketing in the gaming world has been synonymous with engagement metrics. Metrics like likes, comments, shares, and overall reach is the main focus to prove success for brand awareness strategies. While these metrics are very useful for gauging audience interaction, they haven't immediately proved direct impact on sales or user acquisition.

Lurkit's 'Paid Missions' technology is a complement to pay-per-post brand awareness campaigns. It’s changing the game by allowing digital marketers to engage with influencers based on concrete performance indicators: views and hours watched. This means that every dollar spent is directly accountable, making influencer marketing campaigns more transparent and easier to justify in terms of budget allocation and overall marketing strategy.

Why this matters for Digital Marketers

For digital marketers, especially those in the gaming industry where every click can lead to a potential sale or download, the ability to trace the direct impact of an influencer campaign is invaluable. 'Paid Missions' empowers marketers to deploy their budgets more effectively, ensuring that they are not just paying for visibility but for actual consumer actions. This transition from paying for potential to paying for performance is a crucial development.

By monetizing specific actions, Lurkit has essentially bridged the gap between influencer marketing and performance marketing. This alignment means that digital marketers can now manage influencer campaigns with the same precision they apply to direct ad buys. It’s a level of specificity that hasn’t traditionally been available in this space.

Deepening the role of Digital Marketers

This shift also signifies a deeper role for digital marketers in strategies that might have once been the exclusive domain of community managers or social media teams. Historically, influencer marketing was often managed within community or social segments, possibly due to its engagement-focused nature. However, with 'Paid Missions,' the approach is more analytical, more aligned with direct marketing techniques, and consequently, demands the strategic oversight of digital marketing professionals.

In practice, this means digital marketers will now work more closely with influencers, crafting campaigns that are not just about generating buzz, but about driving specific user actions. Whether it's clicking through to a landing page, watching a game trailer, or spending time in a streamed game demo, each action is measured and valued, shifting how campaigns are planned and executed.

Strategic impact and long-term benefits

The strategic impact of Lurkit’s 'Paid Missions' extends beyond mere campaign management. It provides an opportunity for brands to build relationships with influencers based on mutual benefits and measurable results. Influencers are more likely to be motivated when they see that their efforts are not just appreciated, but also compensated based on the tangible value they deliver.

Furthermore, this method of influencer engagement can lead to more data-driven decisions. Over time, marketers can analyse which types of actions lead to the best results, which influencers consistently deliver the highest ROI, and how influencer marketing can be seamlessly integrated with other promotional activities to boost overall campaign performance.

Wrapping up: A new and exciting era for game marketing

The introduction of 'Paid Missions' is not just an incremental update to existing influencer marketing tools; it's a transformative approach that redefines the role of digital marketing within the gaming industry. It allows marketers to harness the power of influencer reach and credibility in a measurable, highly targeted way. This innovation is set to turn influencer marketing from a sometimes uncertain investment into a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies in gaming.

As we at Lurkit look to the future, the integration of technologies like 'Paid Missions' will undoubtedly continue to shape how marketing professionals engage with and capitalise on the influencer ecosystem. For digital marketers in the gaming industry, adapting to and embracing these changes will not only enhance campaign effectiveness but also drive the industry forward in exciting new ways!

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