160 Streamers, 1 Epic Reveal: How 10 Chambers and Lurkit Shook Up Game Marketing

The past, the present and the future with Lurkit

10 Chambers, creators of GTFO, are experienced developers deeply passionate about gaming. The studio aims to lead in co-op FPS game development, focusing on quality and innovation.

This wasn't their first time working with Lurkit.

"I was really excited that Lurkit was set up when I joined 10 Chambers because I came from the streaming world, and I understood what value small tight streamers and their communities can bring compared to larger ones," says Vlad.
Calle Johansson-Sundelius & Vladimir Smolyakov

Utilizing Lurkit's platform, 10 Chambers connects with creators and engages their audiences, particularly valuing smaller streamers and their close-knit communities. This collab strengthens marketing efforts and builds meaningful relationships with content creators.

"You'd be surprised at how many agencies would push to spend on the follower numbers, but if you dig into those numbers, you’d quickly find out that you wouldn't get out so much. Engagement is extremely important. And you really need to do your homework."

With Lurkit as a secure bridge, 10 Chamber's litmus test was a success. However, revealing their future title, they sought an additional edge.

The client:
10 Chambers
Stockholm, Sweden
Company type
Creator Program, Quests

Lurkit’s creator program, 250 creators in the FPS genre

Reached number 3 on Twitch

1.5 million hours watched first 24 hours

5 million hours watched the first 2 weeks

227.000 peak viewers

55.000+ concurrent players on Steam

#208 on the most watched games 2023 with only 2 weeks live (of 170.000 games)

The challenge:

After their first hit, 10 Chambers decided to use influencer marketing for their new game, Den of Wolves. 10 Chambers wanted to pull off an epic marketing stunt. They aimed to keep things under wraps until the big reveal while stirring up excitement. So, they teamed up with us for some creative solutions.

"The process started with Calle and me [Vlad] bashing our heads against the walls. We have this project at hand; we have the budget, but we cannot afford a leak. It was a really secret project, so we couldn't reach out to creators in advance to risk a leak."
💡 10 Chambers needed a successful game title launch for Den of Wolves without leaks.

Our solution:

10 Chambers had this crazy idea they wanted to try out with us. Instead of a regular paid sponsorship, they wanted to surprise streamers with a "faux-hack" during The Game Awards. They didn't tell the streamers about the reveal or what was going to happen. We managed to keep the sponsorship as a secret until the big moment.

“Let's see with Lurkit if we can pitch creators to be part of this secret project. And can we activate the overlay at the right time? To this day, we still don't know how Lurkit managed to pull off such a secret sponsorship."

During The Game Awards, Lurkit gave 160 streamers an OBS URL. They were told something would happen during the stream, but they didn't know what. Then, right when Ulf, the game director of Den of Wolves, took the stage, a message popped up on all 160 streams saying, "Your stream has been breached. Go to DENOFWOLVES.COM.”.

💡 Collaborated with Lurkit for a "faux-hack" marketing stunt during The Game Awards.

The result:

10 Chamber's stream-breach marketing stunt was a big success, with streamers reacting to the news game, creating tons of hype around the title reveal. As a result, viewers of all 160 streamers were intrigued to check out the mysterious game that hacked their TGA stream.

“Looking at the hard numbers, it was a success for us. Seeing the effect going live and the reactions was so cool. People loved the trailer, and I think those honest reactions to whatever happened made even better exposure for the game.”

10 Chambers credits Lurkit as a valuable partner in their marketing strategy, praising the platform's innovation and flexibility. They plan to keep using Lurkit's services, seeing it as a key to their success in the gaming industry.

💡 160 streamers hacked simultaneously, creating massive hype and engagement.

Final thoughts:

"We are super impressed by the agility and flexibility in working with Lurkit. It’s impressive how Lurkit can deviate from the roadmap to consider other opportunities. We also liked that Lurkit is challenging us: why don't you do, try this and this?"

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